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Dear colleagues,

You will find enclosed information on the International Conference Heritage and Conflict. Lesson to safeguard Syrian Heritage, which will be held in Santander (Spain) in April, the 23th and 24th 2014.

In this conference, experts from several countries in the Mediterranean area (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Libya) with hands-on experience in safeguarding cultural heritage during the conflicts which devastated their countries will discuss the possible measures to be taken to reduce the risks of the damage to Syria’s heritage as well as measures to fight the illegal excavations and illicit traffic in artefacts during the Syrian conflict.

Those interested in participating in the Conference can send their names and coordinates to the following address: heritageandconflict@unican.es. More information can be gathered at the webpage: http://www.unican.es/iiipc/investigacion/HeritageandConflict.htm

Sorry for cross postings.

Best wishes,
The organization committee:
Jesús González Urquijo (IIIPC, University of Cantabria)
Rene Teijgeler and Isber Sabrine (NGO Heritage for Peace)
Juan José Ibáñez (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC)
Secretary of the conference: Talía Lazúen ((PACEA, CNRS-University of Bordeaux)

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