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Dear colleagues,

Following the success of the session we organized last year in San Francisco, we would like to repropose the symposium on "Anthropic activity markers: Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology" at the next SAA (https://www.saa.org/) in Orlando.

We invite people interested in presenting their work in this session to send us an email with your details, proposed title and a brief description of your work. We would also ask you, if possible, to circulate this information to all colleagues who are not on the list and you think might be interested in participating. A formal abstract is not required at this stage and will need to be submitted online through the conference system, once you have been accepted for presenting and your name has been added to the participant list.

The deadline for expressing your interest to us is August 30th, whereas the deadline for submitting the final abstract (and pay the conference registration fee) is September 10th. While we might be able to accept proposals after August 30th, the deadline to register for the conference is very strict as no abstract will be considered whose authors have not properly registered by September 10th.

Looking forward to receiving your proposals, we wish you a good summer!

Carla Lancelotti carla.lancelotti@upf.edu

Alessandra Pecci alepecci@gmail.com

Debora Zurro debora@imf.scic.es


Anthropic activity markers: archaeology and ethnoarchaeology

People tend to recurrently use specific areas of their living space, producing an accumulation of evidences (chemical and/or physical) that represent the result of the activity performed. The possibility to identify and connect these evidences to the activity that generated the record is pivotal to our understanding of past human behaviour. Ethnoarchaeology and experimental archaeology drive the inferential reasoning that creates the models connecting the distribution/concentration of proxies with specific activities. We define these models as ‘anthropic activity markers’ and propose a transdisciplinary approach to reduce problems of equifinality whereby the same pattern might be caused by several activities. In particular, the analysis of the spatial distribution of the fingerprints under study is considered fundamental for the definition of anthropic activity markers.

This session aims to gather contributions from scholars in different fields, willing to challenge this issue from different points of view and at different scales (landscape and domestic or productive structures), going from a macro to a micro scale, from “space”, to “place”. We invite contributions that include different approaches, such as remote sensing, archaeological prospection, botanic analyses, chemical analyses, archaeozoology, microdebitage, and micromorphology. Archaeological and ethnoarchaeological contexts will be welcome to show the potentiality of the approach.


Excavaciones. Lista de Prehistoria

3-29 DE AGOSTO 2015

La SC Aranzadi ha preparado un Curso práctico de arqueología en el yacimiento de San Adrian. Los participantes podrán excavar en niveles Medievales y Paleolíticos. La parte práctica del curso se realizará junto a profesionales arqueólogos. También habrá clases teóricas impartidas por especialistas de diferentes disciplinas y universidades. El alojamiento será en pleno Parque Natural de Aitzkorri-Aratz, en el Refugio de Otzaurte.

Si te gusta la arqueología, no pierdas esta oportunidad! MAS INFORMACIÓN

APUNTATE: idazkaritza@aranzadi.eus // 943466142