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Ethics in archaeology: The transforming ethical practice in Philippine archaeology
Pamela Faylona

ISBN: 978-84-938146-2-5
214 páginas [inglés]
Precio: 17€

This book deals with the nature of ethics in Philippine archaeology. It raises the issues that have defined the ethics in archaeology in most parts of the world, pinpointing those issues and concerns of the Philippine archaeology community. It especially raises the concern to formalize a standard for the ethics in Philippine archaeology through the following: (1) developments of the discipline in the country through time; (2) how Philippine archaeology is documented in museums and exhibits; and (3) how Philippine archaeology is perceived and portrayed by popular archaeology. From what ethics there is in Philippine archaeology, this book is able to contribute a ‘periodization’ of ethics in Philippine archaeology over time. It is also able to contribute a definition of the five valued aspects that permeate the archaeology community in the Philippines. From here it is able to propose a meaningfully sound framework for the standard that the ethics in Philippine archaeology has so needed.

Pamela Faylona has two masters degree in Archaeology and in Quaternary and Prehistory at the Archaeological Studies Program in the University of the Philippines (UP) and Natural History Museum in Paris, France, respectively. She is currently teaching at the Department of Behavioural Sciences in UP Manila and involved with climate change program at the UP Marine Science Institute.

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