XVIII Congreso de la UISPP

From the "Archaeology of Social Dynamics" Group we co-promote and encourage to participate(*) in the following session:

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XVIII Congress UISPP to be held at Paris, 4th-9th June.

SESSION XXI-3. Prehistoric and protohistoric evidence of early farming and pastoral activities in mountain environments Ermengol Gassiot Ballbè 1, Francesco Carrer 2, Ignacio Clemente Conte 3, Philippe Della Casa 4, Pawel Valde-Nowak 5.

1 : Department of Prehistory, Autonomous University of Barcelona
2 : School of History, Classics and Archaeology. Newcastle University
3 : Institución «Milà i Fontanals», Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC
4 : Institut für Archäologie, Universität Zürich 73
5 : Institute of Archeology, Jagiellonian University

Archaeological evidence of crop cultivation and pastoralism in mid- and high-mountain areas has considerably increased in the last decade. The phenomenon starts in prehistoric times and, in some mountain ranges, its chronology corresponds to the earliest spread of agriculture in the neighbouring lowlands. The new data available, related to an increasing number of archaeological sites investigated in the uplands, influence the reconstruction of the processes of colonization and exploitation at mid and high altitudes.

This session will focus on the expansion of early farming and pastoral practices in mountain environments during prehistoric and protohistoric times. We welcome contributions addressing archaeological and palaeoecological evidence for these activities in the highlands, the reasons for their expansion, their integration and evolution, as well as their impact on the alpine and subalpine environment.

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