Excavaciones. Lista de Prehistoria

Cuciurpula is, at the moment, one of the only sites from the Late Bronze / first Iron Age with a satisfactory state of conservation. It contains about thirty five houses disposed in terrace on the Alta Rocca’s granite mountain sides. It is located in southern Corsica at an altitude of 1000 meters.Cuciurpula’s long houses have massive foundations and present a complex stratigraphy with numerous elements in situ (post holes, fireplaces, arranged floors, etc.). This site also includes many shelters that are thought to have been used as funeral vaults. Cuciurpula was occupied between XIe and VIe century B.C. This site was also in use during the Middle Ages.
(More informations on www.cuciurpula.fr).

Next campaign : 14th april – 3th june 2012
Participation conditions : 18 years old minimum, good physical condition, community living, provided meals, 2 weeks minimal participation, week-ends off.

Supervisor : Kewin PECHE-QUILICHINI
(Provence University / Roma I University)
E-mail : korse@voila.fr

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